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  • CardioDefend I

    Every month
    For clients with seniority, who want HIIT kickboxing workout
    • CardioDefend Senior Burn
  • iKarateKid Unlimited

    Every month
    perfect for the dedicated student who wants to advance
    • In-Person access to classes @ Boys & Girls Club
    • Virtual sessions when not in person
  • iKarate Unlimited

    Every month
    For those who want belt progression and consistency
    • CardioDefend Senior Burn
  • CardioDefend 2.0

    Every month
    Grandma's wanting to stay fly!
    • CardioDefend Senior Burn
  • CardioDefend Max

    Every month
    Perfect for people who just want HIIT kickboxing workout
    • unlimited classes, HIIT workout staying fit, agile and aware
    • 30 min high intensity interval kickboxing workout